On Saturday morning, the Pennsylvania Democratic Coordinated Campaign gathered with local elected officials and party and labor leaders to open its Western Pennsylvania headquarters dedicated to reelecting Democrats including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and Sen. Bob Casey.

Speaking at the gathering was, among others, Lt. Gov. Austin Davis, who told the attendees he knows they’re working hard but they have to work “just a little bit harder.”

“We have to work to send a message … to show the world that the Democratic Party is the party of real freedom, that we are the party that’s going to embrace all of us, no matter what you look like, no matter who you love, no matter who you choose to pray to — that the Democratic Party is for each and every one of us. And I’m so proud that over the last four years, President Biden has delivered time and time again for working families.”

He took his shots at presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, saying, “We know this election is going to be a clear contrast between a vision for moving America forward that includes all of us — that protects real freedom— or an America [where] leadership wants to divide us; a president who wants to use the Oval Office for his own personal gain, who wants to continue to strip away fundamental rights of Americans.”

The HQ, at 6024 Broad St. in East Liberty, will be a hub for recruiting volunteers to knock on doors, get voters registered and to the polls, and otherwise help campaigns up and down the ballot.

“So I’m asking you to lean in to fight for the America that you want to see [and] believe in,” Davis said, “to help preserve our democracy, to help preserve our fundamental rights.”

Also on Saturday the state Democrats opened a campaign field office in Montgomery County, one of the many to come.

The PUP is the publication of the striking workers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Pittsburgh Union Progress

The PUP is the publication of the striking workers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.