Launched on Oct. 20, 2022, the Pittsburgh Union Progress is the publication of the striking workers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (and contributors including a summer intern or two). The PUP covers the labor dispute and other important community news and serves as a voice for the people of Pittsburgh.

This publication will be shut down at the resolution of the labor disputes.

In the meantime, we’re proud to belong to the Pittsburgh Media Partnership that encourages collaboration and advocates for local journalism.

On Oct. 18, 2022 Guild members at the Post-Gazette authorized an unfair labor practice strike, joining other striking workers on the picket line. The workers demand Post-Gazette management rescind the illegally imposed unilateral working conditions, restore the status quo set by the terms of the 2014-17 collective bargaining agreement, return to the table to bargain in good faith for a successor agreement and restore health care coverage for press workers, production and advertising workers.

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Picketers outside of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette office Thursday, Oct. 20, on the North Shore. (Steve Mellon/Pittsburgh Union Progress)